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Why do you now start asking money for your work on AndBible? Why did you not ask earlier?

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Why should you consider buying development time from me in particular? What are my credentials for the job?

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How much time I can use for AndBible?

I have flexible working contract in my current working place (GISGRO ltd), that enables me to have (maximum) one unpaid day per week that I can use to contribute to AndBible development. Depending on my other schedule, I am also working on the AndBible project on other times, such as saturdays and evening times. If there will be more purchased hours than I can use that way I may try to take more unpaid leaves (holidays) from my work and also use some of my holidays for AndBible.

How the money will be used? What kind of development work can be done with the money? What if you have too much work?

Most of the money will go to actual software development work which consists typically of

  • Writing actual features
  • Writing tests for features (Quality assurance)
  • Fixing bugs
  • Making code improvements and code maintenance
  • Performing software deployments to testing and production channels in Google Play and other distribution channels

I am also doing related non-development activities such as

  • Responding to user emails
  • Writing documentation
  • Coordinating the project
  • Managing feature requests and bug reports in Github

Some AndBible related activites I do not do within paid hours (i.e. I will do these for free):

  • Marketing for AndBible
  • Making non-essential ("Tips & tricks") Youtube videos

I may also use purchased non-earmarked working hours to outsource some of the ordered work. I will try to choose the best possible candidate for the work and negotiate best possible price for the task. 100% of the money that is not used to my actual working hours will be used in this way (I will not take any profit in such a case). In practice this means that you might get even more working hours than you purchased in the first place.

What if people do not sponsor enough hours?

I am still committed to maintain AndBible but development of new features and fixing of non-critical bugs will be significantly reduced / slowed down as I do not have that much time available.

I want to sponsor a feature. Please tell me more!

See sponsoring a feature page for more info.

Why price is high / low?

My pricing is competitive for professional senior software developer consultant in Finland. It is worth noting that the price is not my actual salary; I need to various pay company expenses (e.g. obligatory pension insurance (normally 24.1% in Finland)), book keeping costs, rather high Finnish taxes, web site maintenance costs etc...).

How can I know this is authentic request for funding AndBible development, and not a scam?

You can see the link directing to this shop ( in project's official Github WIKI page. You can also get to this page via, which is AndBible's official domain. Also, this page is directly linked from AndBible 5.0+ main menu (item Support project).

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