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You can buy professional development work time. Tuomas Airaksinen, the lead developer of the AndBible Open Source Project has a registered private trader company in Finland (Tuomas Airaksinen Consulting, 3383955-8) that is offering you to purchase development working time that will be used to development of AndBible: Study Bible application by AndBible Open Source Project.

How to buy

Buy hours easily from this Webshop.


  • 60€ / hour + VAT discounted price (25% discount from standard 80€/hour) for non-earmarked AndBible development work. You can choose the amount you want to buy. 
  • 80 € / hour + VAT for earmarked AndBible feature development work or customization. Feature development will have priority over non-earmarked work. 
  • VAT: Local VAT for European Union customers (for example, 24% for Finnish customers); 0% to customers from outside of European Union.

Purchase options

In addition to this webshop, I also offer more purchase & payment options.

  • Buy development time without earmarking, but with another payment method. 
  • Buy development time for desired feature. Read more about this option.

Please send email to or use Contact Us page. In your email, please tell at least:

  • How many working hours do you want to buy
  • How do you wish to pay (see payment options).
  • Your country of residence (I need it for taxation/bookeeping)

You will receive an invoice in a reply. You will also get receipt of your purchase after payment has been received.

Payment methods

This webshop accepts all credit cards and you may order any amount of development minutes / hours you wish.

If for some reason you are unable or not willing to pay in this webshop, you can also choose to use alternative payment methods:

  • Bank transfer (Finnish euro-valued bank account with IBAN)
  • Bitcoin & Bitcoin Lightning network
  • Paypal

Please send email to or use Contact Us page to get payment details.


Tuomas is tracking his time and will report purchased / realized hours in AndBible development time Google Sheet on monthly basis.

Any questions?

More background information etc. can be read in Questions & Answers page.

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