Sponsoring a feature

How much time does it take to implement a feature?

It depends on the feature. Some features take only fraction of hour, some can take take even weeks. Unless there are unexpected issues etc, in one working day I can be impelement rather big feature, in AndBible scale. Couple of examples:

  • MyBible initial support: 1-2 days
  • MySword support: 3 hours (because it is building on top of MyBible support)
  • Initial, fully working epub support: 1-2 days
  • Optimized epub support: 1-2 days more
  • Bookmarking for Generic Books: 1 week
  • Improved TTS for Generic Books: 1-2 days
  • Add "no highlighting" bookmarking style: 30 minutes.

See feature listing page for estimated time/price for some possible projects.

I want to sponsor development of a whole feature. What if estimated time does not match with actual?

Time needed for a feature is estimated before starting. If actual development time is less than estimated, the remaining time will go to non-earmarked development time pool. If actual time is more than estimated, the remaining work is funded from non-earmarked development time or if there’s no non-earmarked time available, it will be done for free.

Purchased ear-marked features have priority over non-earmarked development time, unless there are critical bugs or other urgent issues that need to be fixed in production builds.

What if a feature I ordered is not / can not be implemented after all?

If I can’t implement the feature that you have paid for, I will offer to give you money back. 

What kind of feature can be implemented?

Not everything fits AndBible. I will evaluate idea before making an offer.

Some accepted ideas are listed here. Other ideas can be considered too, so feel free to ask for evaluation if you would like to fund development of your desired feature.

Pricing & how to order?

See info-page.

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