Why should you buy development time from me in particular? What are my credentials for the job?

I have been the lead developer of the AndBible Open Source Project since 2018. I am a passionate, professional software architecht/developer with 15+ year of experience. During my involvement in AndBible, I have written great deal of what you can see in AndBible today. During years 2018-2023 I was able to use approximately 1 working day per week for AndBible voluntarily, and I have spent literally thousands of development hours making AndBible what it is today.

A couple of noteworthy features that I have developed to AndBible:

  • Bookmarking/highlighting/note writing system 
  • Cloud synchronizing (via Google Drive)
  • Workspaces
  • Workspace + Window settings, customizability of how things look per workspace / window
  • Fast and comprehensive Epub support
  • Support for other document types (Epub, MyBible, MySword)
  • Implemented powerful Bibleview.js rendering engine with Vue 3 + Typescript.
  • Transformed whole project to Kotlin and Typescript (Vue.js)

See also my LinkedIn profile.

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