Why do you now start asking money for your work on AndBible? Why did you not ask earlier?

I got married in 2019. Until then I did not have a lot of needs financially: I was satisfied with my small apartment and I had enough money to have anything I wanted (and I did not want much). I was a happy AndBible user and AndBible became my hobby project. I also could take 1 day off from work to keep features coming. That continued until 08/2023 and by that time I had used thousands of hours to develop AndBible.

After getting married, I have not been anymore deciding alone how to use my time and money. With my wife, we would love to move from my small singleness-time apartment, buy a proper house/apartment and not live that tightly. That requires money and that is why I can not afford to have a full day of voluntary work every week for AndBible any more. 

Summarizing, receiving support for continuing development of AndBible is

  • to make it possible to continue development of AndBible without slowing down
  • to keep me motivated implementing user requests

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