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Development working time for AndBible (Discount -25%)


To support development of AndBible, you can buy professional software development time from Tuomas Airaksinen Consulting. Use this item to buy non-earmarked development time, i.e. Tuomas will decide how the time is used for AndBible development.

This price (60 €/hour + VAT) has 25% discount from my standard consulting price (80 €/hour + VAT).

Read more in FAQ page (https://shop.tuomasairaksinen.fi/page/faq)

*) How VAT (Value Added Tax) is applied:

For non-EU customers, VAT (i.e. Value Added Tax) is not charged.

For EU customers, local VAT is charged, based on VAT level in each country. I will send EU customers separate receipt manually. Receipt will be sent when I'm doing bookkeeping, which is done once a month, normally first week of each month.

Example: a finnish (which is EU member) buys 60€ package (which for VAT 0% would give 1 full hour of development time). Due to 24% finnish VAT, he will get in practice 45.6 minutes of development time because 14.4€ (24%) goes to VAT.

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